TANAHUN: With people staying indoors, wild animals have begun to appear on the streets during the nationwide lockdown in Tanahun district.

According to Kedar Baral, head of Division Forest Office, Tanahun, "After human activity and vehicular movements came to a halt, unusual sightings of animals like deer, moneys, rabbits, porcupines, and migratory birds have been visible on the road and human settlements in the district."

According to travellers, wild animals caught their attention on the Muglin-Kotre road section of Prithvi Highway. Experts say that with vehicles off the roads due to the lockdown, animals must have come out in search of food, among other things.

People passing by also stop to feed the animals. Officials at Devghat Area Development Committee said that as pilgrims stopped coming to Devghat Dham during the lockdown, monkeys have started entering the empty houses in areas nearby.

Meanwhile, poachers have secretly started entering forest areas taking opportunity of the lockdown, said Baral. According to the Division Forest Office, as many as three injured deer, found in the district, were treated and released in the community forest.

(Translated by Madhavi Marasini)