Wild elephants terrorise locals in KTWR areas

RAJBIRAJ: Local residents of the northern and eastern areas of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve that stretches across Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur districts have been constantly living under the threat of wild elephants that live in the reserve.

Sovitlal Paghaiya Yadav of Hanumannagar Kankalini Municipality-3 in Saptari said that the wild mammoths would come out from the Reserve at night and destroy their houses and crops.

Two days ago, a herd of three tuskers had damaged three houses at Sitapur in Kanchanrup of Saptari, shared Uttam Acharya, a local.

Similarly, Homnath Karki of Rupani Municipality in Saptari grieved that the local authority was turning a deaf ear to the wild elephant menace in Rupani Rural Municipality for two months.

According to him, dozens of households in his locality were left at lurch since the wild elephants continued to wreck rampage in human settlements.