KALIKOT: Wildlife poaching has become so rampant in the high mountain areas of the district that it has led to a rapid decline in the wildlife population. The brunt of the illegal hunting of wildlife has fallen upon the endangered musk deer. Musk deer, which was found abundantly in the jungles and meadows of the high mountain belt in the district once upon a time, have become a rare sight these days. Although the district has large forest cover, the number of wildlife has been dwindling over the years. Apart from rampant wildlife hunting, the impact of climate change has also attributed to the decreasing number of the musk deer. The musk deer is said to be migrating out from their habitat in Kalikot due to the increase in temperature and loss of habitat. Chulipatan area at Dahan, Badalkot; Triveni and Deura alpine grasslands at Raskot; Mahabu meadows at Odanaku; and Puga and other places in high mountain belt of the district were areas with large population of musk deer. But the situation has reversed due to the poaching activities, the most targeted animal being the musk deer, for its valuable musk pod. The number of wildlife in these areas has dwindled so much that the poachers have now started training their guns at even monkeys, quipped a poacher on condition that his name not be disclosed.