Will fulfil our commitments: Poudel

Hetauda, February 22

Chief Minister Dormani Poudel of Province 3 today said he was committed to fulfilling the big responsibility given by the people.

Speaking at a felicitation organised by Madan Bhandari Foundation in Hetauda today, CM Poudel said people had given him a heavy load to carry and he could carry it all the way to the destination. “I will never break the trust of the people of Province 3 and I will try my best for a prosperous province,” he said. Poudel sought cooperation and help from all to implement the constitution as it was in the phase of the implementation. He said he would face the challenges of implementing federalism.

CM Poudel said the leftists did not get the opportunity in Makawanpur and I was criticised for the same. “CM Poudel said that the country had the height it finds itself in today due to the contribution of late Madan Bhandari. “I am committed to walk ahead on the path showed by Bhandari and urged all to do the same,” he said.

The programme was chaired by Chairman Raghunath Khulal of the foundation. National Assembly member Ram Chandra Rai, Provincial Assembly members Prem Bahadur Pulami, Munu Sigdel and Om Ghalan, among other representatives, were present at the programme.