Winter session of Federal Parliament to decide on 27 bills

KATHMANDU: The winter session of the Federal Parliament known as the 'bill session' which commenced on Friday, has scheduled various 27 bills to decide on, today.

According to the Federal Parliament Secretariat, of the 27 bills, 10 have already been distributed to concerned stakeholders  following their registration in the Secretariat, while 15 of them are under consideration at parliamentary committees and two others have been sent to the National Assembly after their endorsement from the House of Representatives (HoR).

The distributed bills include Peace and Security Bill, National Security Bill, National Human Rights Commission (first amendment) Bill, Insurance Bill, Nepal Citizenship (first amendment) Bill, and bill related to education, among others.

Besides, some other documents such as a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) on grant assistance between the Nepal government and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the proposal to amend Article 38 of the statute of the World Tourism Organisation, an inter-government agreement on dry port and an agreement on the Doha amendment to the Kyoto Protocol are on the table in the session for the final touch.

Of the bills tabled, undisputed ones would enter the process for endorsement shortly, and it would take some time for the disputed ones, said Dr Roj Nath Pandey, Spokesperson for the Parliament Secretariat.

The HoR meeting is scheduled for December 27, which will inform about the schedule of election of a HoR speaker, and the NA meeting for December 23.

The post of the HoR speaker has remained vacant following a resignation by the then Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara after being accused of sexual harassment of a woman who works for the Federal Parliament Secretariat.

In the absence of the speaker, HoR Deputy Speaker Dr Shiva Maya Tumbahangphe chaired the meeting on Friday.