Wintergreen oil production in Panchthar

PANCHTHAR: Two VDCs in Panchthar district have started producing wintergreen oil.

Two firms, one each in Lungrupa and Sidin VDCs, have started extracting the oil from the wild aromatic plant, also known as dhasingare, in the country.

The Budhitham Herbal and Oil Production Centre in Sidin-3 and Lungrupa-based Makaibari Thulitar Community Forest jointly publicised about the production of crude oil in a press meet organised in Phidim recently.

The leaves of wintergreen are boiled and then ground to extract oil. The oil extracted from the plant are used in the preparation of various items including medicines such as massage oils, balms, toothpaste,and chewing gums.

The two industries produce about five litres of crude oil daily.  The oil costs about Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 per litre in the market, Chairperson of Community Forest Consumers’ Federation, Panchthar, Devi Neupane said.

Neupane further said the profit from the wintergreen oil production is expected to be around Rs 500,000 per annum.