Woman chained for two months

Dhading, December 31

A mentally ill woman has been chained at Aansidobhan of Nilkantha Municipality, Dhading, for the past two months due to lack of money for her treatment.

Originally from Baghkhor, Nawalparasi district, Sunita Bote, 33, had shown abnormal behaviour for the past two years. After Bote developed mental illness, her husband locked her up by tying her feet and hands at his workplace and their rented room in  Aansidobhan.

Husband Chhan Bahadur said his wife suffered from epilepsy two years ago and had been demonstrating abnormal behaviour.

Chhan Bahadur, who is a mechanic, keeps his wife chained at the motor garage during the day and at their room in the night.

He said he took Bote to hospital for treatment but could not afford the treatment her for mental illness due to poverty. “I have to work from early morning. I was compelled to tie her up as she runs, smashes things and hits others with stones,” Chhan Bahadur said.

He said he had no choice but to tie her up as there was nobody to look after her. “My daughters are still young and I have to work to make ends meet,” he added. Chhan Bahadur further said that leaving her free meant inviting trouble for his wife and children.

Chhan Bahadur lamented that their impoverished situation had prevented him from taking his wife to the hospital for treatment. “I do not like to tie her up forever this way. But, I have no alternative as I cannot take her to hospital for treatment due to lack of money,” he added.

I chain her at the garage in the day time and lock her up inside the rented room at night, said Chhan Bahadur.

Garage owner Man Bahadur Magar said he had given them a room at his house after seeing Chhan Bahadur’s miserable condition. Of Chhan Bahadur’s three daughters, an organisation has taken the responsibility to educate the eldest one. Two others have reached school-going age. However, Chhan Bahadur has not been able to send them to school owing to lack of money.