Women urge govt to supply food to far-west

Kathmandu, August 9:

Far-Western Women Development Society has requested the government to supply sufficient food grains to over 30 Village Development Committees in the far-western region.

The region has been facing an acute shortage of food grains. It has also urged the government to open more depots to ensure smooth supply of food in the affected areas.

Issuing a press statement here today, Far-Western Women Development Society also suggested the government to supply food grains to affected areas under police escort, noting that businessmen, seeking the abolition of the syndicate system, have been enforcing a strike in Bajhang district.

The Women Development Society has also asked the government to repair the Khodpa-Chainpur road.

Society members also met officials of Nepal Food Corporation, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies and National Planning Commission some four months ago demanding smooth supply of food grains to those areas.

“There is only one depot in Bajhang district. People of the region have to work for

more than five days to avail themselves of food grains,” the release said.

“As most of the males have been working in India, the food crisis has hit senior citizens, children and women the hardest,” the press release said.