Women's commission to speed up Domestic Violence Act

KATHMANDU: National Women's Commission (NWC) has sped up its work for the effective implementation of the Domestic Violence Act and has started discussions with concerned bodies for its implementation.

Ritu Raj Bhandari, acting secretary of NWC said that they had formed a working committee comprising representatives from Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW), Ministry of Law, justice and Constituent Assembly Affairs, Ministry of Local Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, police headquarters and NWC for the effective implementation and monitoring of the Act.

He added that they had also formed a drafting committee to prepare regulations for the Act. He also admired the support of NGOs and INGOs working for women's rights of providing technical support.

He said that they were discussing with national and international bodies for proper legal remedies for cases on domestic violence. He also informed of publishing booklets on domestic violence and women's rights to spread awareness among people.

Nainakala Thapa, chairperson of NWC emphasised the need for government bodies and security sectors to be aware and well informed of the Act. She said that the police had to be most aware as complaints and cases would be filed there in the first place.

She added that help from NGOs and INGOs working for women's rights was necessary for NWC as it is only active in the central area. She also informed of the NWC of monitoring different cases of violence against women and said they are taking instant actions after the complaints had been filed.