Writ quashed against ban on polyethylene bag quashed

Pokhara, July 13

The Appellate Court of Pokhara has finally scrapped the writ filed against Pokhara Sub-metropolis’s earlier decision to ban the use of polyethylene bags and plastic glasses, clearing the way for the sub-metropolis authorities to now put the decision into effect.

Earlier, the sub-metropolis had completed all necessary preparations to impose the ban effective from April 13. However, the initiative had been put on a hold after industrialists filed a writ petition with the Appellate Court against the decision, identifying the proposed ‘blanket ban’ as being against citizens’ rights and criticising the authorities for not setting any scientific criteria.

Global Plastics proprietor Parameshwor Acharya, Gandaki Plastics’ proprietor Govind Karmacharya and Superfine Polytechs’ Dilipsingh Tangbe had filed the writ in March/April itself. A joint bench of Judge Durgadatta Bhatta and Dwarikaman Joshi of the Appellate Court scrapped the writ yesterday, removing the hurdle to the sub-metropolis’ plan.

Earlier, the appellate court had issued a preliminary order in favour of the sub-metropolis’ decision. Upon issuance of the order, entrepreneurs had reached the Supreme Court to uphold the appellate court’s preliminary order.

Law Officer Narayan Sharma at the sub-metropolis described the court’s decision to scrap the writ as positive.

“As for now the court’s decision to scrap the writ has paved the way for us to put our decision into effect, though the full text of the court’s verdict is yet to come,” he said, adding that the ban would be implemented by setting the necessary standards.

The sub-metropolis has ratified a separate procedure in preparation for the implementation of the ban, and it had also got the proposed ban passed through the 18th, 19th, and 20th municipal councils.