X-ray machine gathering dust

Gorkha, October 2

An x-ray machine purchased by the Gorkha Hospital a decade ago remains unused. The advanced X-ray machine has not yet been brought into operation due to unavailability of three-phase transformer connection.

The hospital needs to instal a separate transformer to operate the machine, but hospital sources said they were unable to afford it. Patients who need X-ray reports are referred to private hospitals for the service. According to  Krishna Dhakal, X-ray machine with 100 mA capacity is currently available in the hospital.

Patients have complained that the hospital has failed to provide essential services. The hospital that had initially 15 beds is now a 50-bed facility.

Gorkha Municipality Mayor Rajan Raj Panta said Rs 500,000 had been released to the hospital to instal three-phase transformer required for operating the advanced x-ray machine.