Yadav calls for State Restructuring Commission

ITAHARI: Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum chairman Upendra Yadav has demanded the formation of State Restructuring Commission to carve out federal units.

At a press conference held in Itahari, Yadav said, “Our party does not accept the proposal of the Constituent Assembly committee on State Restructuring and the Division of State Power for dividing the nation into 14 federal states. A separate commission comprising the experts has to be formed for state restructuring.”

Yadav claimed that the proposal had ignored the eight-point and 22-point agreements signed by the Madhes-based political parties with the government. He said, “We have made an agreement with Tharuhat for pressing the government to implement those agreements and to launch a decisive movement.”

He said, “We have to

draft the constitution acceptable to the people and that is not possible without a consensus among the political parties.”

Yadav said such a constitution could not be drafted without forming a national government. Regarding the High Level Political Mechanism, he said the HLPM was not a political mechanism but a conspiracy to change the prime minister.

Tharuhat leader Laxman Tharu said though their alliance with the MJF was protested by the UCPN-Maoist, UML and Nepali Congress, Tharus had backed the tie-up.