Yadav for dialogue on merger issue

Biratnagar, October 8:

Deputy Speaker and central member of the Nepali Congress (Democratic), Chitralekha Yadav, has said that her party should take final decision on the merger of the two Congress parties and other sensitive issues related to it only after holding consultations at an official level.

Deputy Speaker Yadav said this while addressing regional party workers’ gathering organised by the Nepal Congress ( Democratic).

Expressing her concern over the existing malady in the party in which “individuals in the party rather than the rule of system itself is gaining prominence,” she expressed her doubt about good outcome of the unification between the two parties, saying that the result

of the unification process could not be predicted in the absence of the rule of system.

The lack of moral values that has emerged as a major ailment plaguing the party leaders of the Nepali Congress when it was single party is likely to persist even after the unification of two parties.

Noting that the election to a constituent assembly is the best chance for the Nepalis, she said that nobody can take away sovereignty from them.