Yadav spells out people's revolt against security strategy

PARASI: Chairman Madheshi Janadhikar Forum Upendra Yadav today outraged at the special security strategy of the government. “It is a ploy to suppress the Madheshi,” he said

At a mass meet organised by the party in Parasi, today, Yadav said, "The government is indifferent towards the past agreements and is hatching conspiracy against the Madheshi."

Meanwhile, Yadav warned of people's revolt if the government imposed false cases against those involved in agitation, in the past. He also alleged that the big three parties were not serious in the statute drafting process. Yadav also stated that that the NC's and the UML's dream of dictatorship in the Tarai would not materialize even after the division of MJF.

Yadav went heavily against Deputy Prime Minister Bijay Kumar Gachhadar and Terai Madhes Democratic Party and said that Gachhadar, not being a Madhesi would not stand for the cause of the Madheshi.