Yadav threatens to pull out of ruling coalition

Biratnagar, December 22:

Minister for Foreign Affairs and MJF president Upendra Yadav has warned that his party would walk out of the government anytime if the past agreements were not implemented.

Talking to mediapersons, Yadav said he had called on the PM several times to implement the eight and 22-point agreements reached with Madhesi parties. He claimed peace would prevail only when the PM’s commitment to the House were fulfilled. He said that the party had no serious ideological differences among the members, admitting that differing views were natural prior to the general convention. “The party’s upcoming general convention will sort out all the problems,” Yadav said.

He said his party would stick to the demand of ‘One Madhes, One Pradesh’. Saying that the paramilitary structures of some parties have been disturbing the society, he called on disciplining them. Calling the clashes between the youth wings of the parties worrysome, he said foreign investment was dwindling as a result of lawlessness in the country.

On PLA integration, Yadav said the task would be crucial for ensuring security and lasting peace.