YCL activists force family to leave home

Itahari, June 11:

The Young Communist League (YCL) has forced members of a family to leave their house in Itahari-4 on the charge of their involvement in a killing. This was made public at a press conference held by the City Coordination Council of the Nepal Indigenous Janajati Federation here today.

YCL cadres allegedly forced Man Bahadur Izam, 72, Aitimaya Izam, 40, Meharman Izam, Kala Izam and three children to leave their house on June 7. The YCL has established its office in Izam’s house.

Victim Meherman Izam said YCL cadres accused him of killing his brother Dhan Prasad Izam, abducted him on June 6 and tarred his face at Sangeetchowk in Itahari on June 7.

The case of Dhan Prasad’s killing and the dispute over sharing of the property has been pending at the apex court for 12 years, Meherman said. “Raising the issue of Dhan Prasad’s killing, the Maoists looted my house, physically tortured my family members and forced us to leave,” Meherman charged.

Meherman’s mother Aitimaya said some 150 YCL cadres entered the house and took away all the belongings from the house. A team led by YCL Itahari in-charge Bhabindra Acharya broke open the cupboard and burnt important documents kept inside, Man Bahadur said.

Maoist district member Deepak said: “Some mistakes may have occurred in course of trying to do justice to Dhan Bahadur’s wronged family.”

“Meherman was guilty of injustice to his late brother Dhan Prasad and his children. We tried to do justice to the family of late Dhan Prasad,” Deepak said. He added that a gang of hooligans tarred Meherman’s face after the YCL handed him to right activists on June 7.