YCL activists vow to act against Rayamajhi-indicted

Kathmandu, September 30:

The Young Communist League cadres today urged social boycott of the people indicted by the Rayamajhi Commission Report for suppressing the Jana Andolan II and said they would take them under control if the government failed to arrest them.

According to YCL Kathmandu valley coordinator Sagar, they painted the compound walls of the houses of the 13 persons indicted by the Rayamajhi Commission Report, including ministers during the royal regime Jagat Gauchan, Tanka Dhakal, Dan Bahadur Shahi, Narayan Singh Pun, Prakash Koirala and Toran Gurung and the then senior government officials including Shyam Bhakta Thapa, Parasu Narayan Chaudhari, Raja Ram Shrestha, Bikram Thapa, Durja Kumar Rai, Bachchu Ram Shrestha and Lok Man Singh Karki, with messages calling neighbours to boycott them and also exhibited their cartoons there. The YCL cadres also appealed to the neighbours and the people there not to rent rooms and flats at their homes and cut their relations with such corrupt people and shouted slogans against them.

Sagar said similar programmes would be launched tomorrow near the houses of 11 other people indicted by the Rayamajhi Commission.

“YCL Nepal will take these people under control and begin action against them if the government failed to arrest them soon,” he further said.

Meanwhile, Jagat Gauchan said some miscreants smashed windowpanes, broke a door, destroyed flower vases and plants in his house. “They were trying to catch my pet dog, but later gave up after it barked at them,” Gauchan told this daily.

“I am not bothered at all,” he said, adding that the police didn’t arrive even when they were informed about the incident.

“It’s worthless to seek security from the Nepal Government,” he said.

He also requested to be patriotic and work to save the country from such miscreants who were deployed by paying a few hundred rupees.