Yes, I possess gun, PM's son Prakash Dahal writes on Facebook

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal's son and personal secretary Sakar Dahal aka Prakash has publicly admitted that he possesses a gun.

"Yes, it is true that I acquired 12-Bore gun completing legal procedure...," Prakash wrote on Facebook yesterday after the Nepal Samacharpatra reported that he has bought a modern rifle paying Rs 1.5 million.

He, however, dismissed the report that he paid Rs 1.5 million for the lethal weapon. According to him, the 12-Bore gun is worth only Rs 1,50,000 including tax.

Nepal's Arms and Ammunition Act, 2019 (1962)

Section 10. The procedure of acquiring or renewing the licence:

(1) Any person shall, for acquiring the licence under this Act, submit an application in the prescribed form and pay the prescribed fee to the Chief District Officer.

(2) After the submission of application by anybody under Sub-section(1), if the Chief District Officer deems it fit to issue the licence with the conditions as written in the application after scrutinizing it as specified he/she may issue a licence in the prescribed form to the applicant with the terms and conditions as prescribed

(3) The term of each licence issued under Sub-section (2) and the process of renewing it, the place and the fee to be paid while so renewing shall be as prescribed.