Youth at Bharatpur Hospital beats coronavirus infection

CHITWAN: A 27-year-old person under treatment at Bharatpur Hospital has recovered from the COVID-19 infection.

Recovery of the patient was confirmed after he tested negative twice through the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method, stated information officer at the hospital Lila Poudel. Following the confirmation, decision was made this afternoon to discharge him from the hospital.

However, the person has decided to wait in a separate isolation at the hospital for his mother who is also currently receiving treatment there for COVID-19 infection.

The woman tested positive for coronavirus in her second PCR test. As of now, the patients have shown no symptoms of transmission, indicating asymptomatic infection.

The mother-son duo had returned from the United Kingdom on March 16.

With this addition, total recovery cases from the COVID-19 infection in Nepal has reached 12, adding a glimmer of hope as the nation grapples with the coronavirus crisis.