Youths demand separate Limbuwan province

Phidim, October 2

Youths aligned to Federal Limbuwan Party held a demonstration in Panchthar district headquarters Phidim accusing the government of ditching their demand for a separate Limbuwan state on Friday.

The demonstration has been viewed as a show of power by the party that withdrew its earlier protest programmes after the public defied the bandh at many places. The party has long been lobbying for a separate Limbuwan province comprising nine districts east of the Arun River on the basis of their common historic background.

Earlier, the party held protests and demonstrations after the new constitution was promulgated without the provision of any Limbuwan state. A huge number of youths from the rural villages made round of the town before concluding into a corner meeting.

During the rally, the youths chanted slogans against the present federal model and in support of Limbuwan state. Federal Limbuwan Youth Council central Chairperson Kumar Samyo and Federal Limbuwan Party central vice-chairperson Ram Kumar Lingden addressed the meeting.

According to Youth Demonstration Committee coordinator Sajiv Yongya, Limbuwan parties have deployed youths with the view to intensify Limbuwan agitation.