A few days earlier, I completed my 20 years of existence in this world. 20 long years…feels like yesterday to everything. Therefore, today, I am giving life lessons and pouring my thoughts and philosophies as if I am an experienced and a scholar from life. There are some things I wanted to share, things life taught me in these years.

Childhood is the most innocent, carefree and wonderful time of your life. By this I don’t mean that the rest of the other stages of our lives are going to be gloomy and complicated but the fact that, that particular time is just so beautiful and irreplaceable. But, you know what I advise and try to do myself…that you should never let that inner kid in you grow.

You must know about yourself. Never ditch the real you for someone else to like you. Trust me that will never take you anywhere. Trying to live hiding onto someone else’s skin is the worst thing you will ever do. Love and be proud of who you are...No matter whatever or however you are like. —sambridhipandey68.blogspot.com