A child’s world

When I look at my nephew, who makes all sorts of noises and plays with whatever he can lay his hands upon, I feel entertained. Time passes in a jiffy when we play with him and watch his antics.

And then I see him trying to walk. As he takes one step after the other, he struggles to maintain balance. But he keeps toddling, without knowing where he is going. Yet he walks with all the hope and faith that everything will be just fine. This not only entertains us but make us thing about various aspects of life.

As I see him, I envy how carefree children are with their nature, and I am sure a lot of us feel the same. This simply brings a huge smile to my faces; the energy and enthusiasm they exude surely keeps us upbeat.

After a really tiring day, nothing is better than observing the innocent acts that children perform. It’s amazing to see how they keep laughing and enjoying the little things around them.

To think about it, as we grow and become mature individuals, it is us who worry about small things and take so much stress in life.

Why do we forget that there still exists hope and faith as it was while we were kids? Why do we forget that the balance will just happen, and will be taken care of say by some “superpower”? It is up to us to strike a balance in our life to keep our mind stable.

It is easier said than done though. The situations that a person has to go through definitely make a lot of impact on us; and they change things a lot. But the fundamental fact is we cannot go back to our childhood.

Nonetheless, what we can do is we can try to be happy with the smallest things in our life. We can make that change in our nature if we want to because we are the ones who are responsible of our acts. The key to happiness after all lies with us.

And there as I write this, I see my grandmother making funny faces to my nephew and both of them are smiling and having a great deal of fun. A true example of how a child can bring a childlike innocence in an elderly person.

So, there we are all kids at heart it’s just that some choose to believe and some don’t. While looking at children and their carefree activities, we can learn quite a few things from them.

The world is beautiful; we just have to make an attempt sometimes to see the world through the eyes of a child.