A fortnight of “achievements”

Ram Nawami and Chaite Dashain are auspicious days to shift to a new location. We had been contemplating to move to Harisiddhi for

quite a while and when it finally happened we were elated. What we liked about this place was that it had a abundant fresh air to breathe, ample space for kids to cycle around and above all, total peace compared to the cacophony of the traffic and the people alike in the main city area.

Shifting from a flat to a duplex takes quite a while to adjust. It gets exhausting at times to suddenly remember to take the keys to the cupboard when you have left it downstairs that too when you have almost reached the destination. The initial period was totally dedicated to setting the house. The enormous amount of time that I spent running up and down the stairs took its toll, I lost three kilos in a week., a feat I won’t say not but rarely achievable for a mother of two. To add icing to the cake I got hit by a very bad bout of flu which made me totally restricted to bed for three days. Usually, a cold doesn’t bother me much but this time it was for real. Barely out from the bed, I had to take care of my two young children who got the infection one after another. At the end of two weeks, I could detect my beauty bones which had got lost eons ago. Oh, my God! Should I be happy or what? Looking at the dark circles under my eyes after sleepless nights, I looked more like a scarecrow. Who needs power yoga to get a size zero figure, this one is for real, ladies, tried and tested!

Though the family car stands by, I must say I am so glad that I got

an opportunity to travel in such

interesting public buses with such interesting people. The other day,

as soon as I got on a bus at Lagankhel,

I could get the stench of what was

to follow. Turning back, got the

shock of finding four goats at the

back of the bus enjoying the ride. Of course, there are many goats in the society, but these were animals!

In two weeks, I have achieved what I had never. I have travelled with goats and some very amusing characters including a lady who half sat on my lap and didn’t even realize it, survived a real bad fall on the road, not forgetting how it was pure entertainment for many spectators, settled the house and even went for a job interview. And, I even shed a few kilos. Wow! That should make me feel proud!