A human attribute

The word ‘humanity’ is often misinterpreted by people. They consider it to merely be feelings of sympathy towards fellow humans. As a matter of fact, humans share the world with millions of other species. Tragically, we have become so self possessed with ourselves that we deny looking around and finding life of other beings that co-exist with us. The superiority of our senses over theirs is of course laudable but forsaking their existence makes us less of ourselves. The grounds of humanity that we are so proud of are actually built on weak and selfish foundations.

Take for example animals such as dogs that have proven themselves faithful to humans from as long as we can remember. They act as protectors and friends to us and ask nothing in return except for a little love and food of course. But isn’t their loyalty more than what we give them? I have seen people beat dogs like laundry. There are numerous dogs wandering in the streets of Kathmandu and begging for the tiniest bit of our sympathy, but we fail to do even so. Not only people are apathetic, they seem to have hatred for them.

This thing is not just about dogs or rabbits or cats but is about the entire animal species that are considered nothing by humans. Hunting, poaching, animal sacrifices all are perfect illustrations of the cruelty we are capable of doing. We actually celebrate our festivals killing animals. Also the fact that animals are forced to look after human entertainment is the extent of inhumanity. It is rather difficult to determine whether humanity is really a human attribute or not.

The human race has greater political, legal, social and biological difficulties to address so the animal issue doesn’t seem much of a problem for us. Their existence is insignificant to us right now but the day they vanish before us will be the day of our devastation. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t need to be a boom or a blast. What happens will happen slowly and gradually without any sound. We have failed to realize that we are sowing slow seeds of poison in our lives by neglecting the possibility of potential harm that might come our way due to extinction of species. Our actions have consequences and the fear of consequences aids prevention. We know what the worst can be so we might as well get started avoiding possible hazards. The roles of government and common people are needed. The government here can take a good step by implementing suitable policies.