A new journey

The CA election is just eight days away and electoral fever has gripped the nation. While the political parties are busy conducting electoral campaigns, wooing voters, on whose verdict the future of the nation depends, Nepalis are ready to embark on a new era of democracy. The Election Commission (EC) and some other organisations, in order to educate the voters, have been conducting awareness campaigns and mock polls. This is a good thing. However, the sad fact remains that a majority of Nepalis, especially those in the rural areas, still have much to know about the historic election that will elect representatives to draft a new constitution. The new constitution will be aimed at forming a just and equitable society in which every community will have equal rights to participate in the governance of the state and enjoy equal freedoms.

This explains to a large extent that the CA election is much different in purpose and import than the regular parliamentary election. However, while a majority of the population is unaware about the objective and importance of the polls, the candidates vying for the election have done everything but make people knowledgeable about the various aspects of the election. The CA polls can only be said to have served its purpose, when voters have the liberty and wisdom to use their own discretion to choose the representatives who they deem will champion their cause. But the first condition is, they should know what is what.