A simple query — IV

If you told me on your deathbed that your life had not been a success, what would be the things you’d wish had happened that would have made it a success?” Right away I knew the main reason my life was not a success: Because I never enjoyed a long and happy marriage with a woman I adored and who adored me... a lifelong blossoming of passion and creativity with a woman.

Ed asked my why that was important to me. The words seemed to tumble out of my mouth. First, to have this kind of relationship would accomplish something I’d never seen in the world, and certainly not in my family of origin. Second, to enjoy lasting love with a woman would mean that my moment-to-moment experience would be rich and joyful. “Okay,” he said, “turn the wish into a goal, and put it in the present tense, as if it’s happening right now.” I rearranged the words in my head. My life is a total success because I enjoy a happy marriage with a woman I adore and who adores me. I’m enjoying a lifelong blossoming of passion and creativity with her. “Is that something you really want?” he asked. “Yes.” “And is that something you’re willing to commit yourself to, body and soul?” I said, “Yes.”

When I realised that my life would feel incomplete without a lasting love-relationship, I found the courage to face all my fears and move through them. Ultimately, answering that one simple question gave us the gift of 28 years (so far!) of magic and miracles. — Beliefnet.com (Concluded)