Arresting disclosure

Claims that the law and order situation in the capital has improved does not hold water considering that there are about 100 criminal gangs operating here. What makes these gangs even more dangerous is that some plainclothes security personnel are also in connivance with such

elements. The recent rise in criminal activities has been attributed to the growing number of unemployment youths. No doubt, there are many frustrated young people without jobs, who are enticed to make fast bucks by engaging in crimes like kidnappings, extortion and also human trafficking, among others. It was once said that the incidence of crime in the capital was on the wane. However, things appear to have returned to square one with these criminal acts showing no signs of abating.

What is worrying is that criminals are often members of politically affiliated organizations. This appears to be giving them impunity, which makes them more daring as they can expect to get away scot-free with their nefarious deeds. To reduce crime, the law enforcement bodies should have the power to arrest and book all culprits, no matter who they may be. In the meantime, the general public should always cooperate with such authorities so they are able to arrest the trend of growing crime.