Baby shower in Nepali culture

To my knowledge, a baby shower is a ceremony in which an expectant mother is showered with gifts that will be useful for the baby. Different cultures have different ways of marking it. This ceremony is widely celebrated in the western world.

Go back to the Vedic Ages, a similar event, known as Seemantha, existed, during which the mother-to-be was showered with dry fruits and various sweets for the well-being of the baby’s physical and mental development. Baby showers may have been a western norm for centuries. However, Seemantha has existed in our culture since time immemorial, but we are ignorant about how it might have flourished all over the world and may seem to us this is not something we have been celebrating in our society.

Last month, we had thrown a baby shower for the mom-to-be. We had invited dozens of people, and it was indeed a great time for everyone at our house at Macleod, Australia. To me, having to celebrate the aforementioned event looked like being a cultural copycat of the West, if I may say so. Therefore, I was thinking whether it would be rational to celebrate the baby shower at my residence. Honestly speaking, I did not celebrate it to be happy with myself, but, more conscientiously, I did not want my baby to remain an exception to the tradition when she grows up. To me, throwing a baby shower makes you feel as if you are making headway to becoming a responsible parent, who is always living up to the family’s expectations and desires. It certainly paves the road to parenthood and brings you to its preliminary stage of how you will go about dealing with the moral challenges when it comes to facing the ground reality of being a father in the first place.

This is the moment of my life when I try to tackle the moral dilemmas and the mixed feelings that are rampantly rooted in my mind’s cells. Life has always been tumultuous and choppy in its own right. We are the ones who need to smoothly sail through this arduous journey with an immense level

of patience and perseverance so as to be able to manage

the family’s needs and expectations.

I am beginning to learn to trim my time on social media and perhaps on other futile activities. It is always great to give quality time to your family, especially when you are having kids. Finally, I am making headway toward becoming a responsible father in the days to come.