Be the change

Being a girl I have been taught since childhood that if I want a change in my life, I have to take the initiative myself and I don’t have to lose hope.

At the beginning of a big change most of the people neglect your ideas or do not support it, but this should not discourage you as you know that your idea can bring a big change one day. You have to be the change. Having a cup of coffee in front of the television with big ideas won’t help anyone but with the same cup of coffee discussing your ideas with a group of people can be the start of your big change.

How was the wheel discovered, electronics made or the world started? It was discovered, made or started by small initiatives/steps taken by humans. “Homo sapiens” have more brains and more ideas than any other mammal on this planet. So start by taking small steps, they could take you to big heights. A small change in your daily life like throwing garbage in a proper place, making people living in your locality realize the importance of a clean environment, etc can be the starting of a revolution.

Being a student I am taught that a revolution started may not achieve success in a day. It may take a week, a month or maybe even  years, but we should never lose hope, we should keep on doing good deeds, and one day we will achieve our goal. We are the next generation of the country. We are the youth. Our steps small or big can bring changes to our country in the future.

We dream of a good salaried job in the West and a luxurious life. Because they are developed, their environment is clean and it’s somewhat pollution free. We should make our country developed so that people from other countries would want to come here and do something . So to get the change we have to be the change, at least we should be a part of a change and support someone who wants to get the change. My dad always says, “you don’t have to be Einstein or Hawking, Newton or Bill Gates but be your name and make everybody recognize your name like them. They all started with small steps and initiatives, and now they are big names. Now it’s  time to take the smallest big step towards your change. Share your ideas, yes you may face failure but don’t lose hope that is what life’s all about -- never to lose hope. Your steps now will one day be the change the country wants. It may take you to new heights in your life.