Belly shrivels

The bread and butter story is going a bit too far these days. The common man knows the pain that getting the two together entails. Of course, the staple diet of an average Nepali does not embrace them, but the story of livelihood remains indelible. The official statistics may talk of the segment below the poverty line diminishing, a 360 degree eye scan sees wrinkled faces all across. It seems that more than relaxing the tensed up stomach muscles, the government focus is on the political fulfilment part. The spiralling food prices, the dwindling food reserves, the fury of unfavourable climatic conditions have added up to a fireball to scorch the ever-tolerant, patient folks of this Himalayan country.

With every turn and twist, hopes hovered along, but tangible results always proved elusive. A year of good harvest and the government is out to claim its success story. But, come a bad one and there are no takers. On top of it, the cream of the bandhs is the sad tale of the millions shifting the mud to seek sustenance. Instead of the crackdown on the hoarders and the excessive profit seeking leeches, there is an overabundant supply of assurances and commitments. And, mind you, they can’t fill the belly. The chosen lot has to make sure that the hearth in every home is lighted up, and is not the stuff that fairytales are made up of. Maybe the political yarn overrides the basic needs concerns. A no-respite fabric for sure.