BLOG SURF: Fear of joy

It is called Cherophobia, the fear of joy in life and it is not an insane thing to have. It happened almost suddenly I was very happy about something, I do not remember why I was happy but I remember this fear made me feel it.

I was anxious and it did not make sense, “normal people” would not be thinking of such in that moment, my life was going exactly as planned.

I may have achieved something, had love in my life or a purpose I always had fear, but the fear of it being “too good to be true”, the fear that “it may not be the same after time passes.” Anxieties would rise up and the so called happy moment would be a cause of concern.

In a “great moment” I would start wondering, “how much would this last?” “I hope this last “, instead of just taking in all in and enjoying the opportunity to appreciate it.

The power of not thinking, not analyzing and connecting the dots is immense, why? Because we often look for reference when we want to make sense of something.