We demand to our parents that we need internet access and laptop at our home. “Why?” they ask. We say we need to research online for our study and assignments. They answer, “We too studied and were abided by assigned projects in our times. We completed our bachelor’s and master’s under dim lights of a tuki, when there was no electricity. But we never thought of laptops or the Internet. So, you can study and do assignments without them if you really wish them. Be it in family, social relationships, work place or business; youths complain that older people are more rigid than they are and their rigidity stops the youths from moving forward. This is why the next generation has to struggle with their older generations. This is why teens find discomforts in their homes – due to “generation gap”. This is why youth-led companies are believed to make higher profits. But, why are older people more rigid than younger ones... — diwapyak.blogspot.com