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Given that we are celebrating the American spirit, I think it is only right to speak on marginalization and how some groups, even in 2009, are still trying to figure out where to fit in. When I think of patriotism, I can’t help but think of marginalization-of those that are sometimes left out and negatively affected by the actions of others.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending an old-fashioned tea party. Beautiful teacups and saucers, small delicate delights and wonderful conversation by the African American women in attendance made for a beautiful afternoon. Midway through, our host, also African American, let us in on why she was having a tea party.

Too often when we celebrate a positive moment, we forget those that are left out. While focusing on something as upper-crust as a tea party may seem silly, I think there is real substance to the idea that some groups,

particularly minorities, are still working out how to celebrate a country that hasn’t always been kind to them.