Blog Surf: Los Angels!

Hello everybody! It is strange, but I think that all the angels are sitting on a thick cloud in their city, because it was the second night we woke up with a “closed” sky. After a refreshing breakfast at Starbucks and a goodbye hug to Christophe, we set off towards San Francisco. But on our way we outlet village!!!! No way we would miss the opportunity to shop here ! But my goodness, these outlet villages are huuuuuuge !! As we had a bit of a time pressure, we kind of “ran” through the village, ending in Marc buying a few jeans and myself some Nike running shoes. (I really hàve to get started doing some sports after this holiday, so I began with buying running shoes...ahum! let’s see where thàt will end...) We had a fabidu hamburger at In-N-Out, thank you Peter for the great tip!!! This is really a great hamburgerplace ! you only have 3 choices: hamburger, double burger, cheeseburger with REAL potatoes. All is very clean and vèèèèry good! Ju-hùùùm! —