BLOG SURF: Road accident

Rohan was on his way back to his village after watching a late-night show of the latest Bollywood release in a nearby town.

Humming a chart buster from the film, he was about to turn into his village when a speeding truck appeared almost out of nowhere, hit his scooter from behind, and sped away.

Ram Avatar, from the neighboring village and also on his way home, witnessed the accident and instinctively stopped. Rohan lay unconscious and Ram Avatar, who had seen many such accidents in the past, was almost certain that the young boy had suffered internal head injuries.

The questions flashing through Ram Avatar’s head were: I don’t know the boy, should I get involved, since it is a police case?

More importantly, who will pay the hospital? The golden hour—the first 60 minutes after a traumatic injury, when prompt medical treatment is most likely to prevent death—ticked away.

Nearly 400 deaths take place on Indian roads every day.