BLOG SURF: Skills for women

Larissa has a degree in chemical engineering. Unfortunately, she works in the packing line of a local company filling boxes with copper pipes in Angren, a district in Tashkent region, Uzbekistan.

Larissa is keen on getting a higher-level job, but needs formal training that is not available at schools, so she is forced to teach herself the skills required for a promotion.

This Uzbek woman works in a manufacturing plant of 195 employees 85 of which are college graduates, and 43 women that produces copper pipes for refrigerators and air conditioners sold in the domestic market.

The company wants to become more competitive, but achieving this goal requires investing in technology and in its human resources, and for the government to create conducive environment for businesses to flourish. New jobs can then be created as the firm expands its operations – hopefully higher quality jobs.