BLOG SURF: Street children

He reasons behind using this ‘debut’ drug were low self-esteem, an inferiority feeling complex and having enough pocket money to buy this substance.

The street children consist of the children who ran away from their houses because of their stepmother and some under the influence of their peers.

This drug results in hallucination, problematic behaviour, self-destruction and fighting among the friends. It also affects the brain and the Nervous System. Among the users, 63.9% have reported one or the other kind of illness as long-term effects.

Glue sniffing can be termed as a “group activity” as 95.1% children use glue with their friends, 77% in the peer influence and 60.7% sniff glue on a daily basis.

The drug use is 20.6% and the alcohol use is 17.4% among the children of 10-17 age groups, with 21.8% boys and 11.2% girls.

More street children are exposed to intravenous drug use.