It has been six months since I came to Japan. In one of our Japanese class lectures, there was an article that explained about the emotions of the students studying abroad.

At first, the situation thrills you. Everything is new, exciting and fun. Then slowly, reality hits - you’re not going home for some good amount of time.

Then, you start missing your family back home, the food, you pet dog, the ambience, the people, basically everything.

Gradually, you will get used to the situation, accept changes, sometimes avoid talking to your family because you think you might weaken and cry in front of them - which will eventually make them concerned.

At then, the time comes when there is again something new to see - making you wonder; pleasantly surprised and realise there is so much to see, learn and travel after all.

Having experienced these for the past six months - I must say, living abroad has made me emotionally stronger.