BLOG SURF: Sweden’s sea shore

It was an off day yesterday and as decided earlier, we were going to a nearby sea, towards the north from the place we live.

So, for the first time since we have arrived in Sweden, we cooked our lunch, ate it and then left for the sea at around nine in the morning.

In addition to a bottle and a mug of water, we loaded our bags with chocolates, gums and mints that we had collected as mentioned in ‘collecting spree’. I was excited about the trip because I was going to a sea for the first time in my life and the other

reason for me to be happy was an opportunity to walk which, I think, would challenge by growing stomach. Both of us are, somehow, convinced to continue walking in

our day-offs but for different reasons; Kamal is sort of fit and he don’t have to challenge his stomach. His incentive to walk comes from the reason that he feels real low when he is in room.