BLOG SURF: Toilet equality

On World Toilet Day we reflect on progress made on ensuring proper sanitation for all, and on why we must strengthen our commitment to achieve this goal.

Much remains to be done – especially for women. Globally, an estimated 1 in 3 women lack access to a toilet, and spend 97 billion hours each year searching for a place to defecate in the open, exposing them to sexual harassment and violence.

Yet, even when women do have access to a toilet, it is rarely equitable. For many women, using a public toilet means dealing with long lines and being forced to “hold it” while waiting their turn.

In a bold and desperate move, we may dare to enter into male territory and use the men’s restroom. Once in the stall, we will rejoice at the sight of a hook to hang our bag, available toilet paper, and a proper garbage can.

Without these we are forced to practice core body strength and balance while holding our bag or clothing between our teeth to prevent it from touching the floor.