BLOG SURF: Touch of rain

Finally rain touched my inner soul today. The coolness that I wanted to feel has touched the inner part of me…My heart beat fast and fast with the drops that were falling from sky and were wetting me while I was driving.

That was gifted I think and is gifted because I LOVE RAIN…and I do love it ardently. The coolness creates a kind of passion in me which turns out to heat my body touching the innermost part of what I call soul is.

The touch of the rain drops like the touch of …The one whom I gave my heart, the one who belongs to me…whose soul is overlapped in mines…”

The Invisible” Every time the sense of romantica, feeling of passion with bloods that flow through my veins strikes my heart to beat fast and fast.

Let me breathe the fresh air that rain brings with it but with the each breath I breathe, feeling haunts me because the fresh air is making my heart beat fast and making the soul alive which reminds me of the one closer so much and closer to the soul.