BLOG SURF: Transport links

In some ways, the issues of efficiency and improved links go together. For the vast majority of those living even in bustling cities, getting to work and school necessitates the use of more than one form of transport – a walk to a tricycle pick up point to travel to the train station and a walk at the other end to the final destination.

For many more, it is more complex still.

The fewer the connections that needed to be made, the faster the journey should be but unless buses and trains are frequent and punctual, the trip will continue to be frustrating.

Convenience is everything for commuters.

We have focused for some time on what we call multimodal transport hubs, points where passengers can shift easily from one to another of a number of different types of transport going in many different directions that connect to other central points.

In addition, of course, we must consider proximity to transport hubs and the availability of last-mile transport.