BLOG SURF: A trip of fortune

Last time, we swept up Santetsu; today, we pick up our journey wandering Geibiki, before heading up the mountain-side to explore Chson-ji Temple.

The group alighted at the turning point for a short walk through the gorge.

The cliffs on either side that lead you through are impressive, and end with the location’s namesake - a limestone formation known as ‘Geibi’ or ‘lions nose’. The towering cliffs for Geibeki.

Many thanks to Leandro Ishioka for this photograph.

While walking along the riverbank near Geibi, we came across an opening in the rocky cliff face opposite. Visitors can attempt to throw ‘undama’ or ‘luck stones’ and have their wishes fulfilled, if they manage to hit the target hole.

You can purchase five stones for ¥100; there is a kanji character inscribed on each stone representing luck, love, health, career and study.

Very few of us however, managed to land the stones inside - let’s hope that’s not a bad omen!.