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After being informed by my in-country manager that she was unable to help me with obtaining a Nepali m-bike license, I decided to embark on a mission to figure out how to get it myself. I found that the transport/licensing office was somewhere in Ekantakuna.

There, I walked over and asked for a form and was also given a stamp with it. I had to pay for both the form and stamp before walking back to the gate house. As I walked back, I looked down at the form. It was entirely in Nepali Devanagari script. Wonderful! Luckily one of the guys felt sorry for me and took me around to the back room where he translated the form for me. I filled out my details, had a blood test to find out my blood type (I’m O Positive), then was taken to a myriad of different windows to speak with various officials and get their sign off. I took the test. The test takes about 20 seconds (depending on how long you take) and comprises of you weaving in and out of 5 poles in a row. Needless to say, I passed. —