BLOG SURFS: Gay weddings

Nepal seems poised to go after the gay wedding market big time and in the process boost tourism and tourist income. So says an article in the Telegraph that reports of upcoming events once Nepal's new constitution is adopted later this year. Leading the charge is Nepal's first openly gay member of parliament, Sunil Babu Pant. Indeed, Nepal seems to want to become the gay tourist capital of Asia - and will likely laugh all the way to the bank. I keep wondering when Virginia will figure out how much money the state is losing every year because of its extreme anti-gay mindset. With its history and historic sites, Virginia could be a great LGBT tourist attraction, but who wants to visit a state where the animal abuse statutes are stronger than the state's protections of LGBT citizens.

I hope Nepal finds great success in this endeavor and helps demonstrate to gay unfriendly destinations that homophobia and anti-gay discrimination are costly. —