Blog surf:That’s it

The other day I was riding a bus and we got pulled over by a traffic cop. A big argument ensued between the cop and the driver. Eventually half the bus passengers were hanging out of their windows,

arguing with the poor young traffic cop standing there in the baking sun. And it made me realize a thing or two about Nepal.

This being Nepal, of course, it’s all become very complicated, political and symbolic laden.

The Maoists may well have ulterior motives here. About 3 months ago I actually mentioned that they were likely to try and pull a stunt like this.

And the thing that I’m starting to realize is this: Don’t blame all Nepal’s misfortunes on it’s leaders and bureaucrats. But getting back to our traffic cop in the sun, now arguing with a busload of passengers.

“It ain’t necessary. If you saw a traffic violation, write a ticket. If you didn’t, stop bothering us!” Things get

fuzzy and derailed so easily here. —