While sauntering out in the

fresh summer morn to beat stuffiness, a mesmerizing sight

I hunt is for middle-aged men wildly meditating, jogging, sitting-ups, stalking, hopping and jumping sweaty in the open veld; funny, however, is their belly. Some full-fledged and fleshy, others grown enormous and jutting out or dangling loosely, and some mundane and mediocre seem troubled when provoked.

Large belly as an additional strain annoys while dressing up, burdens while walking, disturbs while biking, demands more nutritional intake, and sluggishness creeps in at work, and demands more rest. To bring those fatty muscular evils into book, the tad too lazy folks muster up their strength but the troublesome bags remain invincible. Our insensitivity greatly contributes to the tummy bulge.

We are merciless eaters and comfort seekers. We gobble everything including oily and fatty cuisines, laze, doze off and sleep more avoiding physical works and exercise as a way of daily dealings. We normally idle away the whole time by glutting, drinking and allowing the belly go baggy and bloated. When the belly pops up kiddingly, it’s time for remorse. A large belly is the semiotics of nasty physical get up. It sheds physical alacrity, fitness and charisma adding extraneous muscular weight. It invites evils besides driving us to be dull and fagged; let alone undue physical pressure. Moreover, it preserves negative connotations in the society as signs of prosperity.

Parochially, and in rhetoric, a large belly goes with a layman version

as the pouch of corruption. Be it a fact or not, but most of the leaders, bureaucrats and high-ranking officials, and tycoons own enormous bellies. Whatsoever the connotation, a large belly is not the sine qua non of a healthy life. Getting the belly to size is what is required.

The belly should be helped not to pan out any more. Its shape and size hinges on the commodities we serve, we work and the way we involve our physique in. One it has come its way, the regime goes for getting all the workouts and what not to trim down the size of the belly. Of course, not everyone succeeds in the strenuous venture, and some are just too lazy to get doing something. Let you not be the next victim in the veld the next morn, identical to the intrigued ones.