Childhood dreams

“I want to be a doctor.”... “I love teaching”... “I am born to fly over the sky”... Ask a child, who is in early teenage, about his/her goal, you can find differing answers from time to time. Their dreams in this age have been easily influenced by external factors like, time, place, family background, and friend circle.

Because of multiple wishes, it will be hard for him/her to achieve anything. However, if children are encouraged to set goals and dreams in proper way, their desires can be made specific and thus attainable.Yes, children do not have sufficiently developed intelligences - and they can not take in mind every aspect in decision making. Therefore, they are so unstable in decision making that they can be easily shifted from one to another decision frequently.

However, early teenagers are developing intelligences and decision making skills. And thus they can think of some apparent aspects of the issue.