Childhood talents

Yes, children do not have sufficiently developed intelligences - and they can not take in mind every aspect in decision making. Therefore, they are so unstable in decision making that they can be easily shifted from one to another decision frequently. However, early teenagers are devleloping intelligences and decision making skills. And thus they can think of some apparent aspects of the issue. On the other hand, the decisions they make are products of their psychological and intellectual interest. They are combinations of their heart and mind. They are their inner wishes. But, they might not be goals. They can turn them into goals, if they find proper guidance from adults. For goal setting of a child and a teenager, we need to identify his/her weaknesses or strength. The goal will be achievable only if it is backed up by what you have and what can you do, not by what you don’t have. One can be a good teacher in future, if s/he is quite societal, interactive in childhood. —