Civil code bill

KATHMANDU: Apropos of the news story “Civil Code Bill proposes will system on property” (THT, May 1, Page 1), it is good to hear that Civil Code Bill, 2015 has finally purposed to introduce the will system which will abolish siblings’ right to parental property.

This move is appreciable in the sense that it would, at least, help bring about new changes in relation to land as an asset. In developing countries like Nepal, the young people

fully depend on the parental property resulting in laziness, complacency and conflict within the family structure. It

is obvious that the parental property has been the issue of conflict between and among the siblings and parents.

Moreover, the people in their productive age do not look for works and rather they are more attracted toward inheritance.

However, there must be comprehensive debates at all stages about this bill as it is completely a new concept for the agrarian and largely feudal Nepali society which may not be able to digest the idea given the socio-economic structure, heavy dependence on land and no other alternatives for job opportunity in the absence of a social security system